Andrea Peardon Photography



Hi! I’m Amy Walker - Andrea’s office manager, assistant, sidekick, party planner, client, and friend. Not always in that order, but for the last handful of years we've been growing this little biz together and have become a part of each other’s families. I take care of all the back-end responsibilities at Andrea Peardon Photography - emails, invoices, scheduling, etc. I also help out at our mini sessions throughout the year, go to as many newborn sessions I can, and plan our annual client appreciation Santa Party. 

I haven’t always been a Michigander. I was born and raised in Ohio and went to BGSU (I also have a degree in psych!). I moved here in 2006, married Jeff Walker in 2008, and our son, Ian, was born in 2011.

It was then that I met Andrea, when I had hired her to take our son’s newborn pictures. After a long battle with infertility and IVF, I wanted to make sure I had the best when it came to capturing his milestones and our growing family. Shortly after his newborn session, Andrea and I became fast friends. In 2013, she approached me about becoming her office manager, and the rest is history.

I am very passionate about two things: autism and organ donation. Both have affected my life greatly. After years of speech and occupational therapies, Ian was diagnosed with high functioning autism in the spring of 2017. The early intervention and continued therapies have allowed him to flourish and I’m so proud of him. Then in the fall of 2017, I donated a kidney to my Dad. He and I have recovered well and my dad’s health is thriving. We are both committed to sharing our story so others can consider organ donation. I love to advocate and help educate others, so please don’t hesitate to ask me about either topic! I especially know how worrisome it can be to have a gut feeling that something isn’t on track developmentally with your child. I would gladly chat with you privately if you have concerns.

We truly have the greatest clients and I am very thankful to have the honor of working with all of them. It is a pleasure to be a part of their lives and to watch the kids grow year after year!