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The Process

The Process

When booking with us, you can expect a seamless process from booking to ordering. With a decade of experience, we have streamlined every step to make sure you are getting the best quality care. From beginning to end, you’ll be working closely with both Andrea and Amy. Andrea does all the photography, editing, order processing, and newborn inquiries while Amy handles all booking, invoices, emails, and other inquiries. Amy also assists at all the Mini Session days and many newborn sessions. If you have questions at any time, you can reach out to either one of us and we would be happy to help.

Here is what you can expect for a typical session.

Inquiry: After you reach out, Amy or Andrea will be in touch over phone or email. We will find out your needs, answer any of your questions, see if we have initial availability, and get all your contact info. We will then email you a copy of the current pricing guide to look over.

Booking: If you decide to book, we will get your session or due date on the calendar, send over an invoice for the session fee, and an online portrait agreement. The portrait agreement must be signed before the session. For newborn sessions, the invoice will be due up to one month before your due date, or immediately if you book within the last month. For all other sessions, the invoice must be paid within 5 days to keep your spot.

Pre-session: For newborns, we will be in touch as your due date gets closer to see how you’re doing. You will receive an in-depth prep packet over email. Once your baby is born, it is very important to get in touch with us right away to book your session date. As we explain in our initial conversations, the session will likely take place on a weekday morning as weekends are never guaranteed to be open. For all other sessions, we will be in touch in the week or two beforehand to fine-tune the details and select the location. Please remember, we do have rescheduling fees, as laid out in the portrait agreement.

Session: Fun! You’ll have up to 1.5 hours for regular sessions or 3 hours for newborns. There is nothing to stress out about, it’s going to be great. Make sure you floss your teeth, check that the kids’ shoes are photo-appropriate, and leave the bribing up to me. Have a shot before!

Post-session: If you approve, we will usually post a sneak peek on social media a couple days after the session. In the busy season of the Fall, that might not happen. You’ll then sit back and wait for your gallery to be posted and a link emailed to you. In the early months, that’s usually 1-2 weeks after the session, but in the Fall, you should expect a wait time of up to three weeks. Once your gallery is posted, you’ll have 10 days to review and place your order. You can always extend your gallery an extra week for $20. We process orders in the order they were received so that could mean a couple extra days of wait time. Beyond that, we have a back-of-the-line policy. So if you place your order way past your session, we will finish all current clients’ orders first (a bonus for those who quickly order!). Once you order, you’ll receive an updated invoice in your email or we will run your card on file if you choose. Typically, it only takes a week to get your order finished after your invoice is paid.

Bottom line, from beginning to end, it takes about 4-5 weeks from the day of the session until the day everything is in your hands. And then onto the next booking! We recommend doing newborn, 6 month, and one year photos, then yearly photos after that.