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Welcome to the new site!

Heyyyyyyy there! I can’t believe I finally did it. It has been YEARS since I updated my last website. My last site, while super cute, was totally not mobile-friendly and, let’s be real, we are all on our phones 8 hours a day. (Ugh, check out your new Screen Time stats on the iPhone if you want to feel really good about yourself.)

It was quite the feat going through over 1000 sessions’ of photos. I started going month by month, but by Day 5, I said screw it and jumped around all willy-nilly. That’s why you may see 5 photos of the same kiddos and none of your own - trust me, I’m not playing favorites.

Besides reliving all those sessions and watching tiny babies grow into Upper-El kids, it was kind of cool to see that you’d probably never know which photos on here were taken last month and which were taken in 2010. It has always been my philosophy to capture families in a timeless way. As I’m sure you all have seen, professional photography has… evolved… over the last decade. Hell, 10 years ago, I was one of the only newborn photographers in the area. It was practically unheard of. Now, the everyday consumer can be a seasoned critic of different styles of newborn photography. And that’s great. Honestly! The more you know and the more you see, the more likely you are to find someone who fits your style and exceeds your expectations. And trust me, it is not lost on me that so many of my clients have stuck with me through thick and thin despite other awesome, and often more budget-friendly, photographers popping up. I do not and would never blame someone for trying someone new, but it always warms my heart to see the families I’ve come to know and love over and over again.

So, here it is. I really hope you love the new website and that it gives new clients a good feel for who we are and what we do. And we will see if I can keep up this blogging thing. I love to write (ummm because I talk too much in general), but I never know if I might end up writing about car seats or new restaurants or my cats. It is what it is! Glad you’re here for the ride.

In other news, Spring has sprung! My off-season is over and things are starting to move around here. I know very shortly I’ll be wishing I had a weekend off so I’m trying to soak up my last few easy days. In the next couple weeks, in addition to finally getting in some outdoor family sessions, I’ll be flying to DC to photograph my friend Nicole’s new baby girl. And then the following month RI for my girl Kristyn’s daughter! It’s going to be a busy summer with all my friends having their own babies now. Can’t wait to meet them all.

xo, Andrea

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